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TREK 12 – Amazonia 🦜

7 December 2022
The second part of our evolutionary Roll and Write game! Observe the fauna of the Amazonian rainforest, avoid bad encounters as much as possible! With friends, or alone facing Max, Trek 12 Amazonia invites you to explore uncharted and mysterious lands. Can you thwart their…


25 November 2022
Try to save as many Aztecs as possible from the Alien invasion! The Aztec people are being attacked by invaders. Your goal is to gain points by gathering the inhabitants of your city and to try to protect them from flying saucer attacks. Space…

TREK 12 – Himalaya 🏔️

11 October 2022
In Trek 12, set out on an expedition in the Himalayas.Open new routes to the summits. Carefully map the area and set up your lines, but be careful on the most dangerous paths. Wits and nerve are necessary to make the best choices, to boost your reputation and, who knows, to become a legendary alpinist.…

[JA] トレック12 ヒマラヤ 🏔️

11 October 2022
「トレック12」は、ヒマラヤの山々が舞台です。 新たなルートを拓き、頂上を目指しましょう。 慎重に地図を記録して進路を作成しましょう。 ただし危険な区域にはくれぐれも注意を。必要なのは機知と度胸。それがあれば、最善の選択と、名声の獲得と、そして何よりも、伝説のアルピニストの栄誉はあなたのものです。 世界初の進化型ダイス&ペンゲーム! 山頂への新たなルートの発見や、冒険の仲間との出会い… 数分間でルールがわかります。(英語) もう一枚いかがですか? トレック12」のプリント&プレイ可能枚数をチェックする 封筒からコードが出てきましたか? 物語はここで終わりではありません。 Running out of Ascent Sheets? You will find here the ascent sheets available for download. Click on the download links below to get the sheets. Click on the download links below to get…

[ES] TREK 12 – Himalaya 🏔️

11 October 2022
En Trek 12, emprende una expedición en el Himalaya.Abre nuevas rutas hacia las cumbres. Traza un mapa cuidadoso de la zona y establece tus líneas, pero ten cuidado en los caminos más peligrosos. El ingenio y el nervio son necesarios para tomar las mejores…

[NL] TREK 12 – Himalaya 🏔️

11 October 2022
Met Trek 12 ga je op expeditie in de Himalaya.Open nieuwe routes naar de top. Breng zorgvuldig de verschillende Klimgebieden in kaart, leg Klimlijnen aan en let op voor verraderlijke stukken tijdens je klim. Kennis en durf zullen nodig zijn om de beste keuzes te maken. Alleen zo kun je je reputatie verhogen,…

[DE] TREK 12 – Himalaja 🏔️

11 October 2022
In Trek 12 begeben Sie sich auf eine Expedition in den Himalaya.Erschließt neue Routen zu den Gipfeln. Erkundet dabei sorgfältig die Umgebung und nehmt euch vor den gefährlichen Passagen in Acht. Wer es schafft, die Nerven zu bewahren und die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen, kann sein Ansehen steigern und wird vielleicht sogar der nächste legendäre…


1 October 2022
It’s time to roast some marshmallows by the fire ! After a long day of hiking, you settle down around a campfire. A cute little bunny approaches your campsite. Big long ears, fluffy little tail, glowing red eyes…“Hey! That bunny tried to bite me!“…


6 December 2021
A Cooperative Game! The magic show is about to start, but chaos reigns behind the curtain! Rabbits are hopping everywhere and hats are rolling on the floor! It’s up to you to put everything back in order. In Magic Rabbit, players collaborate under a time limit to put rabbits and hats back in a precise order. The rabbits are…
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