Hello trekkers!

The authors, Bruno and Corentin, wanted to give you a gift during this end of lockdown. Well, we thought that a Zen touch in our lives would not hurt. This is a very special Trek. To reach Zenness you will have to travel along a unique path, passing by the river separating the two valleys to reach the other side without using any artifice… You will have to immerse yourself completely in the water without the help of ropes in order to come out of this trip taller!


The rules are quite simple and guarantee full relaxation at the end of the Trek… or maybe not 🙂

  1. You MUST start at one of the two sides in one of the three circles pointed by an arrow. Then continue as usual until all the circles have been filled.
  2. Each mountain has its own choice table for the result of the dice. You must fill in the circles of a mountain with the specific choice table for that mountain (for example, you cannot write in a circle of the white mountain using the choice table of the gray mountain). You may have crossed from one side to the other without having completed one of the two, but you must respect the corresponding choice table until the end of the game.
  3. The “water” circles can NEVER be part of a rope path. They would bring you a 3-point malus in the end…

Have a pleasant trek!

The core game TREK 12 – Himalaya is required to play with this free expansion.

Click on the download links below to get the card.

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