TREK 12 – Himalaya 🏔️

A game by Bruno CATHALA and Corentin LEBRAT, illustrated by Olivier DEROUETTEAU and Jonathan AUCOMTE

Lecture 1 min

In Trek 12, set out on an expedition in the Himalayas.
Open new routes to the summits.

Carefully map the area and set up your lines, but be careful on the most dangerous paths. Wits and nerve are necessary to make the best choices, to boost your reputation and, who knows, to become a legendary alpinist.

The first evolutionary Roll and Write game!

Discover new routes to the summit and meet new companions on the road…

Discover the rules in a few minutes

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The story doesn't end there.

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Spoiler Alert

You are about to access hidden content available for download.
If you haven't opened all the envelopes yet, you might spoil the surprise…

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You have unlocked the envelope containing MACHAPUCHARE, and the Yeti
…it seems that at the top of this divine ascent was hidden a temple forbidden to all…

…if you wish to visit the temple, you'll have to:


🥾 EL CHOUCAS: Bonus Clarification

El Choucas' Bonus can only be used in one single Fixed Line.
However, you can use it several times in the same Fixed Line.