It’s Christmas Holidays 🎄!

The authors, Bruno and Corentin (them again!), wanted to give you A CHRISTMAS 🎁 GIFT for this family vacation that just started! A trek to play with the youngest. From 7 years old, they can challenge you as apprentice archaeologist trekkers! In ArcheoTREK dig through the ground in search of dinosaur bones. It’s up to you to create the finest digging areas to uncover the most gorgeous specimens and become the Archaeologist of the Year

JOUER les Archéos-trekkeurs


  • Dig Site sheet to be printed for each archaeologist,
  • 36 Bone tokens to cut and glue on cardboard so that they cross the centuries,
  • Skeleton tokens to cut and glue on cardboard to revive their past majesty,
  • a pencil by archaeologist… or a piece of sharpened coal,
  • the 2 dice of Trek12 Himalaya, one red and one yellow.


Each archaeologist takes an Dig Site sheet and a pencil.
Place the 36 Bone tokens in a bag (or spread them out on the table, face down) and place the 4 Skeleton tokens nearby face up. Designate the Archaeologist in charge and give them the dice. 


A game round proceeds as follows:

1. Lancer de dés

The Archaeologist in charge rolls both dice.

2. Choose your result

Each archaeologist chooses their result at the same time. 

  1. To choose a result, each player picks only one of these operations from their Choices table on their Dig Site sheet
  • 🟡 the YELLOW die value
  • 🔴 the RED die value
  • 🟡🔴 or 🔴🟡, substract the lower die from the higher die (your result can be 0 but never negative)
  • 🔴+🟡 add the two dice together.
  1. Each archeologist tick an empty box in the line corresponding to your choice, in their choice table on their Dig Site sheet, from left to right.

When all boxes are ticked in the same line in your choice table on your Dig Site sheet, that choice is no longer available to you!

  1. Report the result in a circle of your choice on your Dig Site sheet, as follows:
  • During the first round, place your first result in the circle of your choice,
  • All subsequent results have to be adjacent to an already filled circle.
  • Attention to the three Special Circles, you MUST respect the following rules when you write down a result:

If you create an area of one or more contiguous filled circles with a total value of 9, you can create a Digging Area and decide to reveal fossils.

Be careful: a circle cannot be part of more than one Digging Area.

3. Revealing fossils (optional)

Starting with the Head Digger (see point 4) and continuing clockwise, each archaeologist who has decided to reveal fossils during this round: 

  1. they draw a line around the Digging Area containing the result they have just written down,
  2. they draw as many Bone tokens as there are circle in their Digging Area,
  3. they keep one, + one for each number 0 also present in their Digging Area, and
  4. they put back the remaining Bone tokens into the bag.
Designation of the Head Digger

The archaeologist who revealed fossils last becomes the Head Digger, they take the dice and place them in front of them. They will roll them at the beginning of each turn as long as they remain the Head Digger. (It is possible that the role of Head Digger does not change from one turn to the next).

5. End of the round

If all the boxes in the choice tables are ticked, it is time to CLOSE THE DIGGING SITE.


Here, when the archaeologist decides to form their Digging Area after writing down the number 2, they draw 5 Bone tokens and keep 3 of them. 

Here, by placing the 6, the archaeologist cannot form a Digging Area with their 6, 2 and 1, because the circles are not contiguous. The archaeologist will have to wait to place a 1 in the empty circle next to the 6 AND/OR choose to include the 0 in the Digging Area, for example. 


Once all the boxes on the choice tables have been ticked, it’s time to determine who will be the Archaeologist of the Year!
Note that there are fewer boxes in the choice tables than there are circles on the Dig Site sheets, so some will remain empty and will not play a role in the final resolution.

Earning Skeleton tokens (cool!)

The archaeologists are given the 4 Skeleton tokens as follows:

Each Skeleton token goes to the archaeologist who has strictly the most Bone tokens of the corresponding color.
In the event of a tie, the archaeologist with the fewest points IN THAT COLOR takes the Skeleton token.
If the tie persists, no one gets the Skeleton token.

Empty-Handed circle(not cool…)

Each filled circle that does not belong to a Digging Area is an Empty-Handed circle. Each Empty-Handed circle makes the player lose a number of points equivalent to its value (see below in the example of the calculation of the score).

Counting scores

Each archaeologist adds up the value of their Bone tokens, their Skeleton tokens and subtracts the value of their Empty-Handed circles.

Here, the archaeologist scores 33 points. 1+1, +3, +4+5+7, +4+6 for their Bone tokens and +4 for their Skeleton tokens (1+3), minus the value of their Empty-Handed circles, here -2.

The title of Archaeologist of the Year goes to the player with the highest score!

Happy digging to everyone!

The core game TREK 12 – Himalaya is required to play with this free expansion.

Click on the download links below to get the files to print.

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