THE ART PROJECT : questions to the designers!

30 August 2023
Benoit, Florian <-> Florian, Benoit! Hi guys! Please could you introduce each other in a few words? Florian: Benoit used to be a history teacher. He loved the teaching and education side, but wasn’t a big fan of the homework and head teachers. Following…

TREK 12 – Amazonia 🦜

7 December 2022
The second part of our evolutionary Roll and Write game! Observe the fauna of the Amazonian rainforest, avoid bad encounters as much as possible! With friends, or alone facing Max, Trek 12 Amazonia invites you to explore uncharted and mysterious lands. Can you thwart their…

We attended Essen SPIEL 22′ 🇩🇪🧩

13 October 2022
Yep, like all publishers (not Covid positive – poke Alain from Blue Cocker 😘) we were wearing masks at ESSEN fair last week. At the Blackrock games booth, we were presenting TREK 12 Himalaya, recommended for SPIEL 2022, and the soon-to-be-released SPACE AZTECS, which…


1 October 2022
It’s time to roast some marshmallows by the fire ! After a long day of hiking, you settle down around a campfire. A cute little bunny approaches your campsite. Big long ears, fluffy little tail, glowing red eyes…“Hey! That bunny tried to bite me!“…


6 December 2021
A Cooperative Game! The magic show is about to start, but chaos reigns behind the curtain! Rabbits are hopping everywhere and hats are rolling on the floor! It’s up to you to put everything back in order. In Magic Rabbit, players collaborate under a time limit to put rabbits and hats back in a precise order.  The rabbits are…
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