We attended Essen SPIEL 22′ 🇩🇪🧩

And it was so cool!
13 October 2022
Lecture 1 min

Yep, like all publishers (not Covid positive – poke Alain from Blue Cocker 😘) we were wearing masks at ESSEN fair last week. At the Blackrock games booth, we were presenting TREK 12 Himalaya, recommended for SPIEL 2022, and the soon-to-be-released SPACE AZTECS, which we were presenting to our Export partners. 

We especially want to thank the team of Blackrock animators who did an incredible job during the fair. The crème de la crème ( with Saint Nectaire)!

ESSEN is also “Der Ort, an dem man sein sollte” (= The place to be! Why do it the easy way when you can do it the hard way? …the German language will never cease to fascinate me!) to meet our partners and for a few author meetings (even if the FIJ in Cannes remains the best place for that).

To be remembered are the signing sessions where Corentin LEBRAT and Bruno CATHALA came to meet the TREK 12 players! Thanks again for making themselves available.

Finally, Xavier took the opportunity to meet the French press representatives attending the fair. Special souvenir of the Dé Faussé interview with Alex and Zéphiriel 🙂

So we get back home, full of memories and with lots of prototypes in our bags, who knows, one of our next games :). One thing is for sure, next year will be different for us in Essen at many levels! We’ll tell you more about it in time!

Wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr in ESSEN!

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