You’ve reached the top of the summits, not the highest, no, but the most beautiful, that’s for sure. So many challenges to achieve the impossible. As you enter the courtyard of the temple, a lumberjack monk is stowing wood, he greets and welcomes you. On your left, two residents are meditating peacefully.

Yautman and El Choucas, those two legendary guides, congratulate you for coming here…

… Rest now, you will need it. They are challenging you again!


To play the Ultimate Trek, print the HD A4 Ascent card available for download here:

The Rules.

The Ultimate Trek combines 3 Mountains in one: the bottom one with white circles, the middle one with green circles and the top one with blue circles.

You can play Ultimate Trek in Expedition mode (either in a multiplayer game or in Free Solo mode). Please note that the Expedition is undertook in one single go and not one after the other as usual.

The usual rules of Trek 12 apply plus the following additional constraints:

  1. It is mandatory to start from the bottom mountain, in one of the 4 lowest circles. Then, the usual rules ( writing a value in an adjacent circle) apply until the 3 mountains are completely filled.
  2. Each mountain has its own choices table to keep track of the chosen dice results. You have to fill in the circles on a mountain with the choices table corresponding to that mountain (for example, it is forbidden to write in a white mountain circle and checking in the blue mountain choices table). (help note: look at the arrows)
  3. Fixed Lines are the only authorised way to cross from one mountain to another (indicated with dashed junctions). It is therefore forbidden to cross from one mountain to another with a Zone.
  4. BONUS: the first player to connect a bottom circle (i.e. without using a compass) with a circle adjacent to one of the two flags encircles the flag. This will give them the corresponding bonus at the end of the game. In case of a tie, both players score the bonus. In Free Solo, no need to indicate anything since both players score the bonus anyway. Score it anyway in an attempt to break the absolute record for the ascent!
  5. The use of Assist cards is possible (but not required, we advise you to warm up with a simple game before!). Getting an Assistance Card is done in a different way:
    • Setup: shuffle all the Assist cards and form a pile face down.
    • Each time you create a new Zone with 0s, 1s or 2s, draw 3 Assist cards. Keep one and discard the other 2.
    • When the pile is empty shuffle the cards already played and form a new one.
    • You can use as many Assist Cards as you wish during the game but the limit of 3 Assist Cards in hand remains. At the end of the game, unused Assist cards in hand still bring a 3-point bonus!