The Eldorado…?

The last step of our journey seems different from what we expected. No gold, no treasure but an arena, a place where the greatest seem to have faced each other… So you found the code. Hooray ! Only a few have gone through all the steps without getting lost along the way! Be proud but not too much, because it’s not over! A duel awaits you, a DUEL IN AMAZONIA! 


To play the Ultimate Trek, print the A4 sheet available in HD to download below.

Do not hesitate to send us an email with your results, or simply your feelings on the difficulty to find the key, or…
…simply your joy of getting there at:

The Rules.

The Ultimate Trek in the Amazonia comes in 1 sheet that can be played in a 1 vs 1 duel.

The usual rules of Trek 12 Amazonia apply plus the following additional constraints:

  1. Do the usual setup for a game of TREK 12 Amazonia with 2 animals.
  2. Each player chooses a side of the sheet. The choices table, observation lines and score calculation tables will therefore be specific to each player. Each player will have a different pen color to play with.
  1. The first player rolls the dice.
    • They choose their operation and then MUST start on one of the circles pointed by an arrow.
    • Then their opponent chooses their operation and does the same starting from another arrow.
  2. The second player then rolls the dice.
    • They choose their operation and must fill a circle according to the basic rules = fill a circle adjacent to one of the circles already filled, by themselves, on the playing area OR wherever they want by using a Canopy Raft.…
  3. And so on!
    • Mnemonic Tip: if you can’t remember who should roll the dice, the player who last filled out the sheet should roll them.

MAJOR NOTE The zones and trails are drawn on the map without taking into account the two players’ colors. This means, for example, that an area of 5 can be composed of 5 written down by both players (you’ll understand more below 🤫). Just as a path can be composed of values from both colors!


Observations : each player scores according to the boxes they have filled in themselves (i.e. their color).

Zones and TrailsThe competition is fierce… Who will have the majority!? Each player scores points for Zones and Trails on which they are ALONE… AND those on which they have the MAJORITY (in terms of number of circles). In case of a tie, nobody gets the points.

Have a great game!

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