Dear all of you! Isn’t Christmas coming?

Bruno and Corentin wished to give you an extra gift before the Christmas break! And… Well, we can’t say no! We hope it will keep you entertained on your evenings by the fireplace during this so special Christmas time! Take care of yourself (truly) !

🎄 Here it comes! ðŸŽ„


The rules are quite simple but may well cause a small hair loss (or nail damages) for the Trek Masters!

1. You MUST start on one of the bottom circles.

2. The result placement rules are exactly the same as usual.

3. Fixed Lines and Zones score their points as usual.


Each Fixed Line represents a Christmas tinsel. The bonuses of each Tinsel are noted at the top of each Fixed Line and depend on the number of bulbs of DIFFERENT colors included in the Fixed Line. The more bulbs of different colors in your tinsels, the more points you will score!

The Zones represent presents. Each Zone gives a bonus ONLY if there are NO bulbs in that Zone. The bonus is then equal to the value of that Zone and is written in the line below.

5. As it’s Christmas, no orphans! Each orphan circle gives a 5 point malus…

6. The player or players (if happening simultaneously) to be the first to fill in the circle just underneath the star get a 10-point bonus.

…et voilà! HAVE A GOOD GAME!

The core game TREK 12 – Himalaya is required to play with this free expansion.

Click on the download links below to get the card.
Note: Printed at 90%, this card will fit in the game box!

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