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A Cooperative Game!

The magic show is about to start, but chaos reigns behind the curtain! Rabbits are hopping
verywhere and hats are rolling on the floor!


It’s up to you to put everything back in order.


In Magic Rabbit, players collaborate under a time limit to put rabbits and hats back in a precise order.



A game by Julie Dutois, Romaric Galonnier, Ludovic Simonet and Cécile Ziégler, illustrated by Jonathan Aucomte



#print & play.

In this lockdown period, we wanted to offer you an Easter gift! And this gift comes to us from a small band of unruly rabbits! Who would have thought?

We provide you with the « almost » complete version of the game as a Print & Play to discover it! Well, as you’ve seen above, the game will be released in its final version on July 3rd (when we’ll be able to stroll more freely among the rabbits…and our fellow humans!). If you like the game, we hope you’ll support us by buying it in the shop on its release date! Besides, it will be prettier and even include an hourglass. AH!

Our tiny advice

Challenging Levels!
Keep the surprise.

The « almost » in the introduction refers to missing envelopes. A big part of the fun in playing Magic Rabbit is discovering new levels of difficulty as you progress through the game. A box of Magic Rabbit contains 3 envelopes classified by level of difficulty. For this  » lockdown » version, we wanted to offer you 3 exclusive new levels of difficulty.

We therefore advise you to save this part of the game for later! First of all, download the basic version of Print & Play then, only when you will have succeeded, come back here and proceed to the first « 1 star » level. Then follow with the « 2 stars » one …and finally the last « 3 stars » level for the magicians who rock!


Download Print & Play.

To go to the next level

Click on the desired level to display its rule.
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