In the world of the dead, the Death reaps human souls when their lives are to end.
After a long labor, it will (finally) give up its position to a new Grim Reaper who will have followed a meticulous training… 

     You’re a “Little Death”

… and you’re going to get your Reaping Diploma!

Your goal is to be the first player to obtain your Reaping Diploma by achieving 4 of the objectives shown on the game Diploma.
During the game, each player will have characters in their playing area who will be born, grow, age, enrich their personalities or acquire skills that will bring them strengths and weaknesses throughout their lives.

You will see them live and guide them gently on their Deathbed to the liberating Reap. It is by guiding your characters to their “natural death” that you will have the best chance of achieving the objectives required to get your Diploma.
Regarding your opponents’ characters, unlike yours, you will be allowed to reap them as soon as the opportunity shows up. It’s easier, but it’s less rewarding because, in this case, you’ll have to share the won cards with one or more of your opponents.

The characters in your playing area will therefore be targeted by other players.

La Petite Mort / The Little Death – The game, takes place in the universe of the comic strip “La Petite Mort” by Davy Mourier, at Delcourt© Publishing. Original illustrations by Davy Mourier as well as numerous references to the Comic Strip are present in the game.

We have paid a special attention to 2 essential aspects:

  • A tactical and thematic game. 
  • Be faithful to the original work.

Different levels of play are available in the box through different Diplomas to obtain. From Easy to Expert level, Diplomas will suit all types of players, from casual to expert!

Davy Mourier

Illustrator // Author of the Comic Book

Davy Mourier is an almost complete artist, almost…, because he doesn’t dance and doesn’t sing! But otherwise, he is a scriptwriter, director, actor (Palma Show, Bref, Héros Corp) and TV show host at the late TV channel Nolife. He is in the archives of the Web, he started posting videos on the web in 2000 with his French Ardéchoise association : Une Case En Moins (TN: Brain Dead…). He is one of the creators and actors of the TV show NERDZ, he wrote many sketches for the Golden Show (produced by Ankama and Alexandre Astier), for the Golden Moustache website and co-wrote and directed the TV show Constance, and La gueule de l’emploi (TN: Be the part, fit the part) for Teva. He is the father of the comic strip La Petite Mort published at Delcourt© Publishing and also of Super Caca. He is well known by Studio 4/France TV regulars for directing and co-writing with Lewis Trondheim the web-series Reboot. He is also the author of the cartoon with millions of viewings: La Petite Mort.

Since the beginning of the year Davy has been a comic book collection director at Delcourt Publishing. He oversees the collection: Une Case En Moins. He has been invited on Canal+ in Antoine Decaune‘s show “La gaule d’Antoine” where he has been doing some “draw my Life”.

In 2018 Davy launches an autobiographical series published at Shampoo publishing, the first volume is called “Davy Mourier VS Cuba”. The release rate is one album every 6 months.

In 2019 Davy will release his board game “The Game of Dragon Boule Dead”. He will be seen at the cinema with the children’s film Spycies, he is a script doctor on the film and a dialoguist. He makes the voice of one of the main characters with Monsieur Poulpe.

François Bachelart

Game Designer // Author

François BACHELART is an author from Toulouse whose creative panel is quite extensive. He proposes games from Party games to Wargames, trough development and deck-building games in universes as varied as SF, naval battles or the world of ants.

He is also probably the owner of the most famous prototype in the world for those who followed the “Nostromo affair!”

Self-published at first, in the 90s under the Unicorn label, with games like ” Guerres & Frontières ” or ” Symbioz “, he is back in the game world with a first title at Lumberjacks Studio : “La petite mort / The Little Death”.

You may discover most of his latest creations on his blog:

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