Torch’Gob [en]


Coming through!

Torch’Gob is hot, so far nothing new! But hotter than hot is possible, it’s a Gob’ that won’t turn back in front of anything. He takes risks, wet his shirt (not actually that, not so compatible… but you get the idea, right? No?)… Anyway, Torch’Gob likes fire and a few injuries don’t scare him when it comes to throwing several balls* per turn!

*of fire 😀



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Polyurethan resin miniature. Casted by GRX creation. Sold unpainted and unassembled. Require cutting pliers and glue.


28mm scale miniature. Transparent plexiglass base. Profil card and stuff cards(s) if applicable.

Safety instructions

Not suitable for children under age 36 months. Presence of small parts that can be ingested.

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