Welcome to the Peanut Club!

As famous collectors, you are invited to a prestigious auction sale taking place at the crossroads of eclectic universes. In these universes, three currencies are accepted: Million dollars, Camels and Peanuts. Collectors will strive to leave the sale with the most beautiful collection of rare objects.

PEANUT CLUB, what is that?

At each round, an object set will be auctioned. During a round, every players play at the same time. This is a “speaking” auction sale, where every player can make offers as they want to, as long as their offer exceeds the previous one. Players have cards of three currency types. Those currencies are not equivalent in terms of value.

You can make offers in Millions of Dollars, in Camels or in Peanuts! Each player has 5 different Power tokens and may use them at any time to turn the game around!

Will you succeed in taking advantage of these unique opportunities?

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