News from war zone !

Hello Backers,

It is a time for some news about shipping preparation.


We are still waiting for a release date from the customs… An additional certificate for European norms had to be provided to them. It seems that for a small new company, such a quantity of a manufacturing product must ring a bell…
Our hands are tied, we only can wait. The excitement is rising!


  • We have had and still have a lot of checking to do. A few issues appears:
    One foot is missing from the Gob’Bots’ robot reference…
  • Gob’Capone and Gob’Joker must have been fighting in the package… :/
    There is a lot of breakages on those two references. We don’t know if it comes from the transporter or from the preparation of their package. We are still checking for defects. This is a time consuming and tedious task.
    Our campaign is based on the miniature quality, it is inconceivable to deliver any broken/defective Gob’. Our caster, GRX Creation, is already recasting the defective references to deliver them as soon as possible!




Here we are!


Have a nice week,

The Bearded.

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