LIVING PLANET – Let’s talk about the game mechanics!

Hello everyone !

As promised, we are back to get to the heart of the matter.

By the end of November will be launched the Living Planet KS campaign. You only had a little info for now, a series of articles is planned until launch to tell you more about!



This first article will answer questions regarding the game mechanic. We talked about an original mechanic, even previously unseen… Even if like in all games, a player actions will affect those of others.

But, if i told you that every player will have the opportunity to take control of a players turn… that every player will be able to influence the… Living … planet response?

How is that even possible?

Each player is given a 6 card set at the beginning, each one of them is numbered from 1 to 6. Each card set match the player color. (on your right not final design)

At each turn, players will simultaneously play one card, discarding it. This way, played cards will not be available before retrieving them.

Each player, at each turn, would have virtually played a numbered die of their own color.

One after the other, each player takes the “Leader Board” (a game is 12 turns, each player will have the Leader Board as many times as the other – 12 being a multiple of 2, 3 and 4, if you have not a math brains). With this Leader Board (on your left – not final design) the Leader player chooses the in which order he places the players’ colored dice. This order is essential, it is the turn order in which players make their actions.

A crucial point is that each die representing a player will affect every player, regarding resources production, and especially cataclysms that will be triggered on the game map! The leader will have all power over the order in which these events will occur … Then, each player will be able to accomplish their 2 actions, which are themselves modulated according to the value of the die that they would have chosen. 🙂

To sum up, every turn beginning is a crucial moment for each player.

What is really interesting is that at each of the 12 turns, the order will potentially never be the same. Like that, we can say that we suffer the game response without only dealing with the game. Because events never occurs at random in any way. The players are the ones mastering the sequence of events! Free yourself to have an aggressive tactic or to manage your teams more peacefully.


Already quite a lot of info for now…

In the next news, we will tell you more about the Leader Board, therefore on the different actions for every player, how the resources are produced AND how/when the cataclysms occur!

Then we will talk about the “bonus” that give each card (yeah, I already hear questions coming)…

See you soon!

The Bearded…

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