Lands of Arran – Painting tutorials!

On this page you’ll find links to the painting tutorials for Lands of Arran Kickstarter campaign miniatures.


Elves have become tied down to the Human race and their bastard offsprings, fruit of their forbidden unions, survive in the world of Human.

  • Painted by Little Demon


Lanawyn, a lieutenant in the service of the king of the blue elves of Elsemur, saved her city thanks to the power of the blue elves' crystal, which links her to the stone.

  • Painted by Martin Goumaz


Oösram was the greatest general of the Seven-Dragons Fortress. But he betrayed his oath. Since then, he and his family became Wanderers.

  • Painted by Martin Goumaz


A necromancer elf long held in forgotten relics, Lah'Saa is freed in the north of Nordënn where she begins to raise an army of ghoul to conquer all the lands of Arran.

  • Painted by Martin Goumaz
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