Lands of Arran – Lanawyn painting tutorial

By Martin Goumaz


Welcome (back) for our last tutorial!

This time, we will paint Lanawyn, a beautiful blue Elf, once again sculpted by MIKH.

As you can see, the lady is sitting in the snow in a prayer position. Considering the original drawing, the light comes from the top left so it should be interesting to paint. It is also almost monochrome, between dark blues, blues and white. Maybe we will have to take some liberties to achieve a cool model.

Paint list

Elf's skin:

  • Dark sea blue (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Royal purple (Andrea)
  • Blue green (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Artic blue (Scale 75)
  • Ivory (Vallejo Model Color)


  • Dark sea blue (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Marron chocolate (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Blue green (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Ivory (Vallejo Model Color)


  • Mat Black (Andrea)
  • Royal purple (Andrea)
  • Artic blue (Scale 75)

NMM Gold:

  • Dark sea blue (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Mournfang Brown (Games Workshop)
  • Goldbrown (Games Workshop)
  • Ivory (Vallejo Model Color)

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First steps

As always, after a dish soap bath we are ready for priming.

Using the airbrush I started painting the whole piece in black. As the piece was going to be quite dark it was an easy choice.

After that I sprayed some blue and finally some white from the top left, as if the airbrush was the moon.

Doing so, it already gives us an idea of the final light placement. So afterwards we can have a look at this picture and verify we are going to the right direction.

Base layers

Now, without thinning the paint too much to gain some time, I applied all the base colors.

As you can notice, the fur already receives some lights painting it wet in wet and blending before the paint dries.

Face – Base and lights

I very often start painting a model with the face.

As this is usually the main focal point, it helps to moderate the other elements, not going too far working the contrasts for example.

I took some time to put some masking tape around the face and sprayed some colors and light on it. This will give me a solid base to work on with the brushes.

Face – skin tone

First, I painted the face this way, because I was afraid it loses the focal point after I would have painted the blue/white fur around it.

Because she is a blue elf, I added some blue nuances in the skin. I thought having a warmer skintone inside all this blue would create a very effective focal.

But she wasn’t blueish enough and this was a problem because I felt like it was too far from the original concept.

We will correct this later.

Trousers & Belt

I started paying some attention to the other elements.

The fur received some more lights to see how it works with the face.

I also painted the trousers between blacks and blues, quite roughly but this will be easy to smooth later.

The NMM gold of the belt is maybe too strong, maybe we will mute it a bit later.

Leather & Clothes

I decided to use browns for leathers and her clothes.

Their color is not really clear on the concept, but browns will work quite good with blues.

About the drapes floating in the air, I wasn’t so sure about the color. Finally, and this is where I took the biggest liberty from the concept, I decided to paint it purple. It will work fine with the moonlight or a simply cold ambiance. 

Leather & Fur

The leathers received some more definition and details and I painted the night lights on the drapes, adding more purple to the mix.

I also worked a bit more the fur, adding some more brown nuances in it and looking for more natural colors.

It is usually better to paint the minis as a whole, pushing [the lights of] the different elements together. Doing so helps to achieve a natural feeling.

Face adjustments & Hair

As I told you before, the face was too warm and we didn’t see the blue elf anymore.

So with thinned blues, a sharp brush that wasn’t too much loaded with paint (thanks paper towel) I came over and tinted the skin more and more, trying to preserve the lights. Stroke after stroke, the blue elf came back again !

Now that the face was almost finished, I painted the hair in dark tones, just putting some light reflections in it.

This last step also added definition to the face, giving it a clear contouring.


I went further on the drapes, going up to pure purple and then adding more and more light blue in it. I didn’t feel the need to be super clean here, since this will be partially covered with snow at the end.

Fur details

Back to the fur parts, I started the detailing work on it, adding lights and shadows here and there and correcting the lights where it needs it. 

The owl

Time to paint the owl on her shoulder.

I painted the base colors and first lights in the wet. Afterwards and adding more and more Ivory to the mix I pushed the lights with a sharp brush.

Finally I painted the eyes and the beak in dark tones.

Fur, details and nuances

I pushed the lights on some parts of the fur, using pure Ivory here and there.

Maybe this is hard to see on the pictures, but at this step I started adding purple nuances at some spots. For example in the shadows on the right of her face, on the owl… This will contribute to achieve a harmonious color effect.

The last picture might seems to be not much different from the previous one, I know… But this is where I corrected some minor mistakes like the lights on the gloves, the boots straps or outlining some elements to increase readability.

This was a step that might be time consuming. You just carry on until you are satisfied, depending  on how perfectionist you are.

Base – Snow

Using a mix of white glue, water and artificial snow (from Andrea), I applied a first heavy layer of snow.

Once dry, I applied more snow with a mix of Mat varnish and artificial snow. I added little touches here and there, aiming for a natural and consistent snow effect.

Last steps

Using the airbrush with some thinned inks, I sprayed blue shadows in the snow and over the shadow areas of the lady.

I consider now that the painting is done!

The end!

Now I just had to paint the wooden plinth black again, and shoot the final pics.

Thanks for reading, I hope this will be helpful !

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