Happy New Year 2017 !!!!!

Hello Backers!


We waited a few days to wish you a happy new year! Why is that?

We have a lot to talk about!! ^^

First: Gob’z’heroes news (you were looking forward to…)

All the files were sent to the manufacturer (Yeah!!). But not without any troubles (Ouch… :/ )

Why only now?

To be transparent, we experimented 2 major issues. We also had to deal with technical issues…

First we had to start again the box production details for a sad reason : the price. Production costs were too high to assume at a large scale.
We manage to reduce our costs with 2 imperatives:
1. Respecting Backers (we owe you everything) = Nothing will change for you!
2. The viability of the project in the future.

The Box content DOES NOT change at all. Same product quality, same material. It even becomes a Kickstarter Exclusive, the retail version will be a reduced version than yours. (less expensive to produce)

Kickstarter, as a crowdfunding platform is a clever way to launch a project bigger than just opening preorders. As you took a pledge for a Box of Gobz’zheroes and more, we hope to start a new life project. Even if running late may be unavoidable for a new company trying to launch a project, we are falling too much behind, compared to what we though and told you. We had underestimate incoming issues and the time required to deal with.

We would remind you that you will receive the 7 Core Game Plastic miniatures AND all the resin miniatures you pledge for (including the Core Game too)! Some of your comments make us realize that was not obvious for everyone.
Secondly, the English translation took way more time than scheduled. We want to salute the tremendous work done by Oliver George and his support. Without him, the English version could have been of poor quality. Thanks again to you…

And what about delivery??

Delivery is (a last time) delayed.

We want you to know our choices were made in consultation with some backers, who follow us and support us since the beginning, and with who we still have straightforward exchanges.

The delivery is delayed to the beginning of April (we hope a little sooner but we don’t want to give you false expectations).
Two months more for some of you, two months too late for others. We heard your complains…

We clearly did not manage to meet our deadlines. It must also be admitted that the arrival of the Antoine’s youngest  and the Christmas holidays clearly did not helped us, but that is not an excuse!

Trying to be fair, we will offer you a lifetime 10% discount on the Gob’z shop.

From the whole team, we present you our most sincere apologies.

Finally, we wish you again a happy new year. May 2017 be intense, full of games. We wish you a good health, happiness and succeed too!

The Lumberjacks’ year promises to be challenging, we will tell you more about soon. While some of us were working on Gob’z’heroes, others (no, not the same) were preparing a playful 2017…

  • MIKH is sculpting Miniatures for the Elves range. The Miniatures will be released before summer. Firsts WIP are simply superb!
  • On an other hand, we started a few months ago a partnership with Christophe Boelinger, with whom we will publish 2 games in this year 2017. He has concocted us beautiful games (am I objective? Maybe not ^^). More news very soon! (probably during FIJ in Cannes? 🙂 )

What about you? What are your plans for 2017?

See you soon!

The Bearded!!!
Oh, Let us present to you our most faithful representative, our mascot in a way: Max the Lumberjacks!! You’re probably going to see him around. ^^

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