GzH // Rulebook Available

Hello Backers,

We are back as promised for a Rulebook update! We took some extra days to integrate it into a lighter website that was under construction.

Well it’s not anymore! 🙂

The Rulebook booklet is available here !

For those who take part on the proofreading, you will notice there is a new layout. The box has change (larger one), we gain some space for a new booklet size, so why going without?

May you leaf through it happily!

For those who experience problems logging into the Pledge Manager, we are currently working on it to resolve the captcha issue that prevents you from logging in… As we don’t want to loose any data, we are making careful progresses. We will make a final call for the last ones who didn’t complete their Pledge Manager information.

Have a nice day,

The Bearded…

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