A game by Fabien FRIESS & Antoine ROFFÉ illustrated by Kev DC

In Gob’Z’Heroes – The Game, Goblins clash loudly with face slaps, trip each other up, throw grenades and use quite unorthodox techniques such as “Acid Fart” or “Good Wallop“… 
… and a good amount of luck. You will head the Gob’z’heroes or the Gob’villains, and try to ridicule the rival crew !!

Everything is allowed, including the most ludicrous attacks…

You will take part in epic clashes between Gob’z.

Faithless and lawless, Goblins will be led by the most charismatic of the Crew.

A word by Monsieur Guillaume – Tric Trac review (in French)

“The “dump” assumed appearance, and as a stress relief, this “small” game gives way to a playful pleasure, almost regressive. Getting it in the neck with humor, gloating or grumbling on the dice, and talking about major events of the game after its end”

THE JAMIE’s WORD – Review of Gob’z’heroes on Tric Trac (in English)

“Needless to say, Gob’z’Heroes was an unexpected and exciting find for me. I hit that pledge button like the fist of an angry hammer’gob. It’s a game I can’t help but like. It’s fast and furious and wacky, like a nitro fueled scalextric set. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world of serious Space Marines, Storm Troopers, zombies and everything in-between that also provides an exceptional set of miniatures. If all that isn’t enough to score them a Mister Jamie Approved then I don’t know what is. So go ahead Boyz, you’ve earned it! “

Gameplay Videos

Go on Tric Trac website where you can see (shortened) game examples with Mister Guillaume and Mister Jamie !

Watch out ! The most bearded man has a really … weird … English accent…


Available for reading and download

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