FAQ – Gob’z’heroes


Burger throwing: Gob’Burger must use the range attack rules to throw its Burger. He can throw it on an empty square but not diagonally. Furthermore, to be moved on the square the Burge have been thrown on, the “closest” Gob’ must have a line of sight on this square. The “closest” Gob’ can be a Troll.

Use an orange token from the core game box to figure the Burger. Discard the Burger once eaten by a Gob’ (that Gob’ is now Stunned).

Gob'Crockett & Tree'Troll

During Crew building, if you want to recruit Gob’Crockett, you must recruit Tree Troll in the first place. Once Tree Troll have been recruited by a player, Gob’Crockett is only available to this player.

If a player only wants to recruit Tree Troll, then Gob’Crockett won’t be available for anyone else.

Gob’bot equipments are not non compatible with Gob’z

Obviously, Gob’Bot equipments can not be taken by Gob’z.

If there is not any Gob’Bot recruited in any Crew, don’t add Gob’Bot Stuff cards to the Stuff deck.

KO with a modified die result of (6)

You are allowed to knock out with a modified die result of (6)!

Example : If you obtain a Roll to Hit result of (5) and you have Gob’joker allowing you to modify the result of a die by +1, the (6) obtained makes you knock out the targeted Gob’.

You are not allowed to draw a Combo Card with this modified result of (6).

moreover, you can modify a rival result of (6) to avoid one of your Gob’ being knocked out. However, your rival will draw a Combo Card.

Feel free to contact us if you have any remark or rule questions!

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