Essen SPIEL’18 The Lumberjacks give it all! [Part 1 News & Preorders]

Hey! The Lumberjacks will be back at Essen SPIEL’18.

 PRE-ORDERS ARE………OPEN!!! ->[Right here… juste over the… CLICK]


Where are you going to be? Spiel is a huge fair!! That’s right! You may find us in Hall 4 booth 4D119 at “Le Village”, a large space shared with other French-speaking publishers.


Tric Trac


Tric Trac


Okay. But what are you guys going to do in Essen? Are you going to sell checkered shirts…? krkrkrkr! Of course, of course. Very funny… So to begin with, a (very, very) good news: our next game LA PETITE MORT (THE LITTLE DEATH) by François Bachelart, illustrated by Davy Mourier. The game will be previewed on our booth, 3 weeks before its official release and available to purchase! Yes, yes, yes. We give you an early access to The Little Death. You decide :). Of course already available as a pre-order!


Les bûcherons envoient du bois à Essen [part.1 : Infos et Précommandes]

Hey, Lumberjacks… didn’t you take Peanut Club out in July? Correct. Yes. 20/20. A game by Henri Kermarrec, illustrated by Kevin De Castro and Gray Shuko. That’s right. That’s right. And you know what? The second print is coming up there, in pfff…. in no time.

A second print run!? Only three months after its release?! Yep. We’re happy because the players are enjoying challenging each other through peanuts, camels and millions of dollars to get the best set of crazy items (who told you about the unique copy of 1-in-a-row??)


So well! Anything else interesting? … Hum. Well, a good news is already nice, isn’t it? All right. Would you be better with two? So be it: during the Spiel’18, we are doing a special “destock” operation on two of our games: Arboria and Gob’Z’Heroes. Christophe Boelinger’s famous bucolic placement game will be offered at €20 (instead of €29) and the excellent goblin brawl game in its Kickstarter Edition will drop from €49 to …….. €30! For such a price… how can you live without them?! So, just to make sure you have a chance to enjoy them, take a look around ->[]<- on our pre-order page 😉


Tric Trac


Things always come in threes? I see that in other than being amateurs/amateurs of dubious maxims, you are also gourmands. Well, we’ll come with a hood full of peanuts and goodies! So don’t forget your Peanut Club token 😉

Who will be there? And what? What about news? I see you’re curious! I definitely like you more and more! Have you seen the “part.1” next to the (hilarious) title of the article… hmm? There you are. Next, program, dedications, authors, goodies, all this is coming in the part.2, in a short time, almost soon.

Come on, get over here! Don’t be such a log! Give us some information, a teasing at least! Okay. I’m throwing you a trailer with some samples from the upcoming article. Are you ready? Yes!!!!! (Well, okay. This joke is even more ridiculous than the others, but it makes me laugh, so why not?…)

CLICK. Trailer ON “pallet – Florian – sinks – coffin – demos – dedications – the – beards – Miracles – Benvenuto – ball pool – with” Trailer OFF (Damn squirrel… I’ll have to put all that with the rest in the next article now…)


See you soon, ladies and gentlemen!


Xavier “truliduli” Avril, musical saw at Lumberjacks

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