Wow… That’s so impressive…

You are wonderfull!

A dream comes true, and even more, MUCH MORE! Simply, teared-eyed, we want to thanks …

Christophe for hits dedication and his overflowing dynamism. For this game. For his kindness et all that it implies. We could say a lot more, but let’s go straight to the point: THANK YOU!

illustrators : Bertrand who’s here from the beginning, Stéphane and finally Ismaël who jumped on the spaceship traveling to MYC.14.250.

Jean-Michel. Without you, we won’t be here, at least not like that! 😀

Zav et Eric. You guys are awesome. This campaign wouldn’t have the same flavor without you.

Our families who saw the launch of brand new fresh strong handsome Lumberjacks, and now pick up tattered Zombies covered of coffee and dried chocolate… 😉
Can you figure a Lumberjack Zombie “living” on RedBull? … There, you see… uncool isn’t it ? 😀

… all the testers encountered on every events!

…ALL THE BACKERS!! All of you…

For us, you are all now for sure, REAL LUMBERJACKS!

THANKS A LOT !!!!!!!

Antoine and Cécil… The Bearded !!


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