The Lumberjacks’ message for 2018

In these first days of 2018, we wanted to give you an illustrated overview of the year to come !! We have GREAT PROJECTS for 2018 ?…

More seriously, we wish you all: health, encounters, joy, peanuts, camels, games, game evenings, game nights, game festivals, game marathons, and millions to all ! (Millions of what you want. We’re not fooled, millions of dollar doesn’t mean happiness. What? It helps? Ah… )

And we wish for ourselves that 2018 will be at least as beautiful as 2017 was. What a year we had ?! An authentic Lumberjack was born. A playful Lumberjack…

2017 saw the release of our first games: Arboria, Gob’z’heroes and recently Karmaka, which was well received during the end of the year. 2018 will be it’s year! Starting in Rouen game festival (France) where Karmaka is a nominee in the “Let’s Play together” category.

2017 was rich in collaborations, encounters, we would like to thank a lot of people:

Thanks to BlackRock Games for welcoming us in their big family! Thanks to the whole team for the awesome work we are doing!

Thanks to autors to believe in us: Christophe Boelinger, Fabien Friesss, Hemisphere Games. But as well to Henri Kermarrec, Vincent Brugeas, Guilhem Gautrand and Valentin Zak, for the year to come 🙂

Thanks to illustrators: Bertrand Benoit, Shawn Ivie, Kevin DeCastro, Ismael Pommaz, Stéphane Gantiez, and who knows, probably more to shows up this new year!?

Very special mention: the Lumberjack’s thanks!

A huge thank you to Eric and Xavier… Guys, it won’t be the same as we talk without you. The richness of 2017 is also due to your generosity. This is priceless! ?

It would be hard not to forget anyone. Thanks to everyone who believes in us, directly or indirectly: Guillaume & germain, Alex G, MIKH, Yann B, Yann H, Nicholas B, Philippe TM, Jean-Michel T, and the ones we might forget about!

And above all, thank you players, who had one our boxes in your hands… Without you, we would be … well, pretty nothing in fact ^^

So thanks a lot! ?

We swear that 2018 will be even more beautiful!

We’ll be back in the coming weeks with news about our 2018 program! For now, it might be time for many of you to recover from the season’s greetings, and for us to enjoy our loved ones before returning to work!

Again, Happy New Year!

The Lumberjacks.

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